JFE Engineering Corporation

JFE Engineering Corporation

Having started in 1912 with the name of Nippon Kokan, JFE Engineering Corporationis a Japanese multinational Company with Regional Headquarters in Europe (Frankfurt, Germany) China and Asia-Pacific Region, in a total of 9 headquarters and plus 5 branch offices. It is a Corporation dedicated to Energy (construction of gas pipelines and Liquefied NG Terminals), and to a Clean Environment (including treatment of wastes and wastewaters) as well as to Metallic Structures (bridges and buildings) and Industrial Machinery (large cranes and technology for materials handling).
Reduction of CO2 emissions and environmental protection are the JFE proposed solutions.
JFE Group was origin in Steel works and Marine construction, has actually a staff of 54000 manpower and a social capital of 147 billion Yens, being quoted in the Tokio, Osaka and Nagoya stock-markets.

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