Steam Turbines

M+M Turbinen-Technik

Back-pressure, condensing and condensing with extraction Steam Turbines up to 15 MW are manufactured by M+M Turbinen-Technik.
These are not standard manufacturing products, but "tailor-made" turbines in a case by case basis for each client, and therefore usually with higher electric efficiency than the standard product.

Scope of Supply: M+M Multistage Steam Turbine // Quick Action Stop Valve // Multivalve Inlet Control // Redundant Overspeed Protection (2 out of 3) // High Speed Reduction Gearbox // 3-Phase Synchronous Generator // Turbine Control and Generator Protection Panel // Control and Lubrication Oil System // Automatic Gland Leakoff and Sealing Steam System // Couplings (HS and LS) // Engineering Design for Foundation Block // Water-Cooled Vacuum Condenser // District Heating Condenser // Associated Auxiliary Equipment // "Site Services" (Erection and Commissioning) // Integrated Controlled Extractions, Inductions and Bleeds

Technical Data from to
Inlet pressure 0,5 bar abs. 90 bar abs.
Inlet temperature Satured steam 510º C
Exhaust 0,04 bar abs. 40 bar abs.
Power output 400 kW 25 MW

Doosan Škoda Power

Supplier of Equipment and Services for Power Generation Technology


Products and Services for Power Engineering Projects

Steam turbines, turbo-generator sets and steam turbine machine halls based on own research & development, design and manufacturing of steam turbines and heat exchangers for:
  • Fossil-fuel power plants (e.g. coal)
  • Co-generation units using extraction and backpressure steam turbines
  • Combined cycle power plants
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Incineration plants for waste and biomass


Basic Features of Equipment and Services Supplies

  • Application of standardised project solutions whenever possible
  • Project optimization according to the customer’s requirements
  • Solutions based on modular designs for steam turbines (ŠKODA MTD10 to ŠKODA MTD80)
  • Design and engineering supported by modern SW applications
  • High operational reliability and flexibility of the equipment
  • Easy maintenance
  • After-sale services including long-term service contracts
  • Research and development focused on continuous technical improvement
  • Own experimental base

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