Temporary/Rental Power

For Temporary/Rental Power with very fast delivery it can be supplied one or more Mobile Power Units as follows:

Mobile Power Unit - Power Generation

The Taurus™ 60 Mobile Power Unit is the prime choice if you’re looking to produce reliable, low-cost, onsite peaking power. Designed as an onsite generator system to optimize service for seasonal or cyclical loads, the Taurus 60 Mobile Generator System includes these key features. 


Operational Features

  • Dispatchable to be On Line in Six Minutes (from cold start)
  • Range of Control System Options for Remote Operation and SCADA Integration
  • Utility Grade Switchgear and Protective Relay Module
  • KVAR Control for Excellent Reactive Power Control Capability

Flexible Solution

  • Leasing and Rental Options Available
  • 5-MW Size for Highly Flexible Capacity Addition and Operation
  • Fuel Flexibility, Gas or Diesel with Dual Fuel Option

Complete Systems Solution

  • Set-Up and Commissioning
  • Site Preparation (if needed)
  • Ancillary Support Systems (if needed)
  • Wide Range of Product Support Programs

Environmentally Friendly

  • Low Emissions State-of-the-Art SoLoNOx™ Dry Low NOx Combustion System
  • No Visible Emissions
  • Sound Attenuation Package for Quiet Operation
  • Low Profile Design to Minimize Installed Height
  • Easy to Permit

Easy To Install And Relocate

  • Highway Transportable
  • Modular Design for Quick Set-Up and Connection
  • No Concrete Foundation Required
  • Compact Footprint to Minimize Space Requirements
  • Ideal for Rental Fleets and Utility Equipment Pools


At the core of the Mobile Power Unit is the 5.7 MW Taurus 60 industrial gas turbine. The Mobile Power Unit combines the features and benefits of the proven Taurus 60 industrial gas turbine with a mobile system that is easy to relocate and connect.

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