Gas Compressors (driven by electric motor) manufactured by ABC Compressors

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ABC Compressors are designed to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Configured with up to 3 pairs of cylinders and 6 stages of compression, they minimize temperatures and loads providing an exceptionally long service life.

Additionally, the horizontally-opposed arrangement of the cylinders balances the inertia forces of the compressor, eliminating vibration to surrounding equipment, and wear and tear on the machine.




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ABC Compressors has accumulated valuable experience in various industrial applications, providing the end user the complete assurance that their compressor facility is operating under optimal conditions of lowest cost and long-term reliability.

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Product range


To know more about ABC Compressors product range see see here

Gas Compressors (driven by reciprocating gas engine or electric motor) packaged by ENERFLEX

Reciprocating Compression

Reciprocating Compression

Proper design and careful assembly are crucial to the long-term success of a reciprocating compression installation, and Enerflex excels in this area. With over three decades of innovation in reciprocating compression package design, we offer a diverse selection of standards, as well as fully custom packages for worldwide modular delivery.

Enerflex manufactures reciprocating compression packages from 20 hp to 10,000 hp. We have designed and built thousands of modules in this range, while seeing a trend towards larger horsepower, more centralized compression to optimize field operating costs. We also have extensive experience with electric drive motors.

All of our packages meet or exceed all relevant industry standards, including vibration and pulsation control in the compressor, vessels, piping, cooler, scrubbers, and exhaust system. Enerflex’s extensive experience and engineering knowledge are applied to every element of the package. This includes well-designed skids that can withstand the dynamic load created by the torque and interaction of the many moving elements.

Enerflex packages Ariel, Dresser Rand, and GE compressors along with Caterpillar and Waukesha engines. We work closely with Howden Thomassen Compressors B.V. in serving the low-speed traditionally the API 618 reciprocating compressor market.

Rotary Screw Compression

Rotary Screw Compression

Enerflex offers 20 hp to 3,000 hp field-proven custom and standard rotary screw compressor packages built to any technical specification, for moving large volumes at lower suction and discharge pressures. We apply our technical understanding to optimize your flow-rates even under challenging conditions such as sour gas service, leveraging our manufacturing facilities to produce well-designed and durable packages.

Enerflex’s screw compression packages meet all relevant industry standards and are available in a vast range of horsepower, with either gas-fuelled or electric motor drivers. Compressor manufacturers used include Howden, Frick,and Mycom. As with our reciprocating compression packages, we are happy to work with the customer’s vendors of choice. We use these same manufacturers when designing/building electric motor driven rotary screw compressors for propane and hydrocarbon refrigeration packages.

Specialized Applications

Enerflex builds onshore, as well as offshore compression packages for virtually any application and point in the natural gas cycle – at the wellhead, gathering system, processing plant, pipeline, storage facility, or re-injection/disposal well. Our packages are designed to handle virtually any gas inlet stream – including varying concentrations of CO2 and H2S. Our gas-fuelled drive engines can run on field gas that is high in impurities.

We will do what it takes to accommodate your inlet gas composition. Enerflex compression systems are engineered and built with a range of requirements in mind: safety, corrosion resistance, and condensation associated with compressing impure gas in cold-weather conditions. Where needed, our designs include insulated components, warm-up cycles using sweet gas, or various line heaters and heating coils. Our offshore packages contain the additional safety features required by industry standards for installation on platforms, as well as the specialized, corrosion-resistant marine coatings.

Some of our specialized compression applications are:

  • At the Wellhead
    We can provide booster compressors for both sweet and sour gas applications. Along with these, we also provide high-spec vapour recovery units (VRU’s) to capture gas that previously would be flared or vented from tanks and other well-site equipment. These VRU packages typically require lower HP and can utilize a screw compressor, reciprocating compressor or a rotary vane compressor.
  • Gas Storage and CO2 Re-Injection
    When you have high discharge and injection pressures, not just any provider can build a reliable and safe compression system. We can with custom-engineered solutions. We have operational packages running at high pressures for oil lift, enhanced recovery, and reservoir storage. These applications push the envelope in technology, engineering, and first principle stoichiometry.
  • Refrigeration Compression
    Motor-driven centrifugal compression is becoming more and more popular, and Enerflex provides custom-engineered solutions, typically in the 4,000 hp to 6,000 hp range. While screw compressors are common in refrigeration applications, Enerflex will also provide motor driven centrifugal compressor packages that are custom engineered for your needs. Typically these compressors are advantageous in 4,000 or more horsepower.

When choosing Enerflex, the result will always be a compression package that maximizes production and is reliable, safe, and long-life.

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