Doosan Škoda Power

Doosan Škoda Power

Our company has a pedigree spanning more than a century – back to 1904, when Skoda plants made the first 412kW steam turbine.

Rapid expansion of Skoda turbine production over the decades has responded to the worldwide development of technology for power generation.

To date, our products have been supplied across more than 60 countries

Foundations (1859~1903)

  • 1859, Count Waldstein establishes the original engineering workshop
  • 1869, Emil Škoda purchases the Waldstein workshop
First Turbines (1904~1944)
  • 1904, the first 412 kW steam turbine made for Rateau
  • 1911, Rateau turbines replaced by ŠKODA designed turbines
  • 1932, the first two 23 MW steam turbines are completed
Steady Output Growth (1945~1992)
  • 1959, 110 MW steam turbine manufacturing begins
  • 1966, 200 MW steam turbine manufacture commences
  • 1976, launch of 220 MW steam turbine for nuclear power plants
  • 1978, 500 MW steam turbines introduced
  • 1992, 1000 MW steam turbine solution developed for nuclear power plant
Changes and Transformation (1993~2008)
  • 1993, Privatization, established new subsidiaries within ŠKODA a.s.
  • 1994, Agreement to form a co-operative company in Guangzhou, China, ŠKODA JINMA Turbines, Ltd.
  • 1998, ŠKODA ENERGO established from merger of ŠKODA CONTROLS s.r.o., ŠKODA ELEKTRICKÉ STROJE s.r.o., ŠKODA ETD s.r.o. and ŠKODA TURBÍNY s.r.o.
  • 2004, ŠKODA ENERGO s.r.o. changes as a legal entity and becomes Škoda Power s.r.o.
  • 2005, Škoda Power establishes a subsidiary in India - Škoda Power India Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2006, Škoda Power founded as a joint-stock company, born out of the transformed Škoda Power s.r.o.
  • 2007, switch-on of 660 MW USC unit for the Ledvice power plant in the Czech Republic
  • 2008, innovative 1220mm turbine blades are introduced
Part of Doosan (2009~2014)
  • 2009, Škoda Power joins Doosan Group as a subsidiary of Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction
  • 2010, Doosan Škoda Power becomes an integral part of Doosan Power Systems
  • 2011, Completion of enhanced Research and Development facilities
  • 2012, Company was renamed into Doosan Škoda Power
  • 2013, Opening of a new global R&D center within a Turbogenerators Business Group

Doosan Škoda Power will remain a Czech company, and will grow to be a top-tier global turbine maker. Doosan Škoda Power is proud company in Czech Republic with long history and engineering excellence with the superior quality and price competitiveness, a dominant player in the Czech Republic and Central European power market.

As a member or Doosan Group, Doosan Škoda Power will become a global top tier turbine maker and a core member of the leasing power solutions group. Doosan Škoda Power will develop as a center of excellence for turbine technology for Doosan’s global power business, while maintaining its principal base of operations in the Czech Republic.

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