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Our business portfolio includes low and medium speed marine diesel engines for large ocean-going vessels as well as diesel engines for electric power generation. We also build and maintain diesel-fired power plants.

Our company started in out 1983, with output equivalent to just 200,000 bhp in the first year. However, we kept growing by taking on new challenges and innovating continuously. Today, at least 96% of all our sales are to overseas customers, playing a key role in bolstering the Korean shipbuilding industry, and we are ranked among the world’s top engine makers.

We led the industry in 2005 by completing the world’s first electronically-controlled marine diesel, and in 2017, reached the 100 million bhp milestone in aggregate production.

Importantly, we are now playing a leading role in boosting the environmental friendliness of the marine shipping industry. Our extensive technology and know-how have been applied to commercialize an electronically-controlled low speed marine engine that can run on either heavy fuel oil or LNG. We also completed development of an improved de-NOx system to support the engines that we build.

Going forward, we will continue to strengthen our business portfolio and secure future growth momentum. Our ongoing quality innovation activities will deliver ever greater customer satisfaction, while our “win-win” management programs will bring greater benefits to our suppliers and the local communities in which we work. By fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities in this way we will earn the trust and loyalty of our customers, partners and the general public.

HSD Engine

The first, the Greatest Engine in the World
Specialized in marine engines, HSD Engine has manufactured the first and largest electronicsally controlled marine engine in the world.

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