S.T.E. energy

With more than two hundred plants executed in the last few years in Italy and abroad and offices in many different countries, nowadays STE Energy can be considered as among the major Contractors in the field of energy and plant construction.

Born in Padua in 1995 and first of the companies managed by Sorgent.e, STE energy develops, designs, builds and manages as General Contractor a number of plants for the production of energy, mainly of a hydroelectric type, as well as electric and heating plants.

All over the world STE Energy carries on wind farms, PV, biomass and cogeneration projects as well as it executes plants for the production, transport and distribution of electrical power.

Thanks to collaborations with important research centers and partnerships with worldwide leading suppliers, STE Energy – by guaranteeing high quality, performance and efficiency – executes the engineering of preliminary and final projects, carries on civil work projects, water pipelines and electromechanical works, and realizes the building, assembly and commissioning of various kinds of plants.

In this context, STE Energy promotes an organic collaboration with its own clients and local organizations affected by this kind of interventions, even arranging the availability of the management competences of the whole group, achieved by practice in complex systems.

STE Energy's general knowledge and background are based not only on sustainable development but also on the social effects of the productive and economic processes. The growth in values of human resources considered as competitive human capitals to invest on is an important and representative feature of the company.

S.T.E. energy
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