Bulk material handling systems by Mecgale Pneumatics



Mecgale offers dependable solution in Coal Handling. Our Coal handling plants are designed to work in all types of Industries like Power, Steel, Paper, Cement, Textiles, Chemical and many others.

Mecgale’s Coal handling plants consist of Feed hoppers, Rack and Pinion Gates, Flap Gates, Electromagnetic/Electromechanical Vibro feeders, Feed Belt conveyors, Magnetic Separators, Metal Detectors, Vibrating Screens, Crushers, Recycle Bucket Elevators/Recycle Belt Conveyors, Product Bucket Elevators/ Product Belt Conveyors, Shuttle Conveyors, Drag Chain Conveyors, Stacker & Reclaimer, Storage Bunkers etc.

Apart from Coal handling plants, Mecgale also undertakes complete Design, Engineering, Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning for Char handling plants, Husk handling plants, Biomass handling plants etc.



Mecgale provides bulk material conveying solution as per process needs. Some of our product in bulk material handling includes:

  • Belt Conveyors
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Drag Chain Conveyors
  • Slat conveyors
  • Roller Conveyors
  • Chain Conveyors
  • Vibrating Screens
  • Bin Activators
  • Gates
  • Apron Conveyors
  • Storage Systems
  • All Other Type Equipments

Mecgale offers cost-effective reliable way to convey bulk materials from one point to another and are designed to have material loaded by a controlled feed, receiving a uniform and continuous amount of product. Our Conveyors are used to move a wide variety of solid particles from sluggish to free-flowing in industries such as steel, power, cement, food processing, pulp and paper, chemical, mining ... etc and one can see it has very wide application.


Mecgale specializes in complete line of Bottom Ash Handling Systems. Product range in bottom Ash Includes:
  • Water Impounded Hopper & Jet Pumping System
  • Submerged Scrapper Conveyor System
  • Dewatering Bin
  • Bed Ash Handling System

Water Impounded Hopper & Jet Pumping System

Water Impounded Hopper & Jet Pumping System

Hot Bottom ash from boiler furnace are quenched after falling into water impounded hopper and collect at the bottom of the hopper. After a predetermined time Discharge gate fitted at the bottom of the hopper allows ash/ clinker to pass through specially designed clinker grinder and then pumped by Jet pump to transport the ash slurry to nearby slurry sump or Dewatering bin, depending on system in use.

The centrifugal Slurry Pump fitted at the ash sump conveys both Bottom Ash & Fly Ash to the ash pond situated at longer distance. This System utilizes lean slurry method (concentration about 25% - 30%). To control water wastage the free water from ash pond are pumped back to slurry sump. From there Slurry pump conveys both Bottom ash & Fly ash to its final destination.

In case of Dewatering bin, the overflow water from the dewatering bin goes to a settling tank and finally to a surge tank where relatively clean water is stored for reuse. At regular intervals , the dewatering bin is drained to remove maximum water from stored ash. The semi-dry ash is then discharged from Dewatering Bins to the truck or wagon for transporting the moist ash for final disposal area/reuse.

Bottom Ash Handling System Through Submerged Scrapper Conveyor

Bottom Ash Handling System Through Submerged Scrapper Conveyor

The Submerged Scrapper Conveyor placed below bottom ash hopper quenches the hot bottom ash coming from boiler furnace. The water trough of the submerged conveyor provides required water sealing to the boiler. The scrapper bar fixed on the high quality scrapper chain continuously moves at slow speed and the slat portion of the conveyor drains the water from the ash. From the Scrapper conveyor the moist ash is feed into a belt conveyor for onward disposal to a storage bin for final loading into trucks/wagons for final disposal or discharged into sluice trench for transferring to the slurry sump.

The biggest advantage of Submerged Scrapper Conveyor is minimal water wastage and avoids water related pollution/problem.

Mecgale is having technological association with very reputed foreign manufacturer and can deliver very high quality Submerged Scrapper Conveyor even up-to 800 MW unit.

Dry Bed Ash Handling System Through Ashcon

Dry Bed Ash Handling System Through Ashcon

Dry bed ash from the after cooler of CFBC,AFBC..etc boilers is collected in the water-cooled surge hopper. Ashcon placed underneath the surge hoppers, conveys the material. Ashcon is designed to convey abrasive and irregular sized material at temperature even up-to 450º C. For Clinker ash, Clinker grinder breaks larger lump into a small size and continues to deposit ash and broken clinker into the Ashcon for further conveying. Bed ash is transported in low velocity through enclosed pipeline to storage silo, this reduces pipeline erosion. This system does not require water thereby negates all water related difficulty and problems.


Mecgale specializes in providing complete range of Eco friendly solutions for Fly Ash Handling system for PF, CFBC, AFBC ... etc boilers. Company offers:
  • Pneumatic Pressure Conveying System
  • Pneumatic Vacuum Conveying System
  • Mechanical Conveying System
  • Silo Extraction System

Pneumatic Pressure Conveying System

Fly Ash Handling System For ESP Of 210MW Unit

Fly Ash Handling System For ESP Of 210MW Unit

Ashcon has revolutionized the conveying of fly ash from ESP, Bag Filter etc, which can be coarse to very fine. The highly abrasive dust is safely conveyed in a pipeline at low velocity to storage silo by means of Ashcon. The dry fly ash can be used as important raw material for Cement, Bricks etc thus helping in material beneficiation and also prevents environmental pollution. Our system is versatile, efficient, reliable, fully automatic and working through Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying principle.

It’s unique feature is multi-vessel pick up point using single conveying line with bottom discharge and no outlet valve fitted.
In order to suit clients requirement for high capacity and long distance conveying we have developed Powercon, Flowcon.etc.
Mecgale has successfully executed high capacity single vessel pneumatic conveying system of even 250TPH capacity and also executed project with conveying distance of 1500 mtrs. For one of our client we are presently executing 65 TPH Fly Ash conveying system for 1850 mtrs.

Key Benefits

  • Prevention of pollution and protection of environment.
  • Fly ash can be used as raw materials for bricks, cement etc.
  • Fully enclosed system.
  • Energy and cost saving.
  • Prevent caking.
  • Space saving.
  • Small to high capacity system.
  • Long distance conveying capability.

Pneumatic Vacuum Conveying System
Mecgale offers Vacuum Conveying System for transportation of fly ash from ESP, Bag filters hoppers. This system runs on Dilute phase principle, hence works on low pressure (up-to 400mm of hg), conveying velocity is high (greater than 20 m/sec) and conveys a short distance. The material is fed continuously in to the conveying line with the help of Fly Ash Intake valve fitted below each hopper and vacuum is maintained by low pressure positive displacement blower. The installation cost of the system is low and the head room required is also low.

Mechanical Conveying System
In line with clients process requirement Mecgale offers Mechanical conveying system for fly ash handling. Depending upon process requirement, the system utilizes Bucket elevator, Screw Conveyor, Drag link chain conveyor ... etc.

Fly Ash Handling System For ESP Of 210MW Unit

Fly Ash Unloading System For ESP Of 210MW Unit

Fly Ash Unloading System For ESP Of 210MW Unit

Fly ash stored in the fly ash storage silo most commonly utilizes Telescopic chute or Ash conditioner for loading into bulker / trucks for further transportation. Telescopic chute is used for loading fly ash into closed bulker/ tanker and Ash conditioner is used to load conditioned ash into open truck. 

Mecgale also offers complete range of silo extraction system and our product range includes:

  • Fly Ash Storage Silo Aeration & Extraction System
  • Rail Loading/ Unloading System
  • Bin weighing System
  • Bulker Loading / Unloading System

Bulk material handling systems and Equipment for Cement Plants
by ThyssenKrupp Industries India

Turnkey capabilities


The company provides total turnkey services, encompassing preparation of feasibility study, assistance to customers in firming of project proposal and providing engineering expertise to finalise scope and specification. The company has all the inhouse capabilities and the capacity for executing all specialised types of engineering such as process, mechanical, civil, electrical, structural and instrumentation.

Full fledged, in-house manufacturing facilities enable the company to ensure strict compliance to project requirements and effectively control quality and workmanship, while ensuring timely deliveries.
Well honed project management expertise seamlessly integrates the engineering, procurement and manufacturing chain, to provide clients with a single point control that ensures the project remains on track.

Open Cast Mining & Bulk Material Handing Systems


TKII is a technologically driven engineering powerhouse, with exceptional contributions in the areas of Open Cast Mining and Bulk Material Handling Systems and Equipment.


Backed by rich pools of expertise from global pioneers like Buckau Wolf, Krupp, PHB, PWH, O&K, Demag Lauchhammer, Weserhutte and Robins, TKII has proven itself as the most reliable and versatile solution provider in this field, for everything from concept to commissioning.
TKII provides end-to-end solutions for core sectors such as Mining, Power, Ports, Steel and Minerals.

Some of the large turnkey projects executed are:

  • 2800 TPH Lignite Handling Plant and Open Cast Mining Machinery for Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd.
  • 6 mtpa Open Pit Coal Mine for CIL's Piparwar Mine, through White Industries, Australia.
  • 2,600 TPH Coal Handling Plants, for NTPC's 3 x 660 MW and 2 x 500 MW Sipat I & II Power Projects.
  • 2,000 TPH Coal Handling System for the 3 x 700 MW Tanjung Bin Power Plant, Malaysia, that included Continuous Ship Unloaders.

TKII's range of equipment includes:

  • Bucket Wheel Excavator
  • Spreader
  • Mobile Tripper Car
  • Transport Crawler
  • Mobile, Semi-Mobile and Stationery Crushing Plants
  • Wagon Tippler
  • Reclaimer
  • Stacker
  • Stacker cum Reclaimer
  • Specialised Conveying Systems
    • Pipe Conveyor Systems
    • Shiftable conveyer System
    • Downhill Regenerative Conveyor
  • Ship Loader
  • Ship Unloader
  • Paddle Feeder
  • Crushers & Screens
  • Pre-blending equipment for coal & other minerals

Cement Plants & Machinery


TKII together with Polysius AG, Germany, one of the world's leading cement technology companies, has been manufacturing, supplying, installing and commissioning modern, efficient and large capacity cement plants in India and overseas for more than 25 years. Today, the company is established as one of the leading cement plant making companies in India.

The Cement Division is now known as 'Polysius Cement Division' to showcase upfront the involvement of Polysius in the cement plants and machinery engineered and supplied in and out of India.

Polysius AG has one of the most modern research and development facilities available, where new technology is first simulated/ tested on pilot scale to ensure perfection before introduction in the market. Also, here it is possible to analyse the most diverse of raw material samples, based on which process design is worked out and equipment size selected, in order to achieve optimum configuration.

The range of equipment on offer includes:

  • Pre-blending Systems: Linear, Circular
  • Grinding Equipment: Vertical Roller Mill (DOROL), QUADROPOL, POLYCOM, Open/ Closed Circuit Ball Mill
  • Silo: Tangential, Multiflow and Cone
  • Separator: SEPOL Dynamic Air Separator, STATOPOL C Static Separator, SEPOL HR Static Dynamic Separator
  • Pyro processing: DOPOL 90 Pre-heater, Precalciner suitable for various types of alternate fuel, Three station and Two Station Rotary Kiln, Reciprocating Grate Cooler, and the latest generation POLYTRACK Cooler with roll crushers
  • Cement storage silo
  • Instrumentation, Control, Automatic Sampling
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