Energy Storage System/ Microgrid from Doosan Heavy Industries


Energy Storage System/ Microgrid

ESS (Energy Storage System) is a technology that stores electricity produced from renewable energy sources or from the existing power grid in a battery for use at a later time when needed. The technology can manage peak demand, provide frequency regulation, stabilize the output of renewable energy generation, and enhance power quality. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction delivers optimized ESS that is designed to meet customers’ needs, based on its’ proprietary ESS control system software technology.

A microgrid is a discrete energy system that provides electric power for a specific region or facility by integrating with distributed energy resources (e.g., solar and wind power) and ESS. In addition to offering control system software, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction delivers total solutions for the microgrid that are strongly competitive, as the company holds proprietary technologies for the integration, monitoring and control of distributed energy resources, an integral part of the microgrid.

Energy Storage System/ Microgrid from CMI Energy Storage


An Enhanced Energy Storage System

Our world is experiencing an Energy Transition, moving toward a greener, more sustainable, flexible, human size environnement, where consumers are at the center of the system. CMI participates in this change with an enhanced Energy Storage System.

Energy Storage, a Game Changer

In this new energy world, Energy Storage is a real game changer, enabling to integrate the increasing intermittent renewable energies, to supply electricity when necessary, to secure the grid safety, to increase autonomy and reduce the bill, and even to ensure the full autonomy in case of non-connected areas.

This is why CMI is engaged in this Energy Storage activity, acting as an EPC integrator, a solution provider to a wide range of customers, such as renewable power producers, microgrid/ island grid, grid support, Commercial and Industry.

Based on its 200-year worldwide experience in the power generation, CMI differentiates by providing optimized solutions for each customer's specific needs with best technical-economic features, based on reliable storage devises, with hybridization of different technologies, if necessary. All these functions are controlled through the enhanced and evolutive Energy Management System (EMS).

In addition, CMI can also propose innovative financing solutions to support its diverse customers.

CMI, as your industrial partner, can offer a range of services from energy efficiency audits to identify and realize the best solutions for your utmost energy utilization, and carbon footprint & energy bill reduction.

MiRiS Project

CM Energy Storage is constructing 2MWp photovoltaic and 2 types of Flow Batteries and Lithium-ion Batteries for a total of 3.7MWh of energy storage, at CMI's headquarters in Belgium. This installation is expected to commercially operate in Q2 2018.

Utilization case: auto consumption + solar PV time shift + resale of the exceeding electricity, primary reserve, etc.

Demonstration Plant

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