Cooling Systems

Paharpur portfolio is from small factory-assembled units up to large concrete cooling towers to be built on site, air cooled heat exchangers and air cooled steam condensers. Continuous design improvement to match customer requirements with the best materials and design techniques has led to the design and installation of mechanical draught towers in fiberglass, steel, wood and concrete with wood, plastic and concrete fill options and the development of hyperbolic natural draught towers.
It can be seen below two photos of examples of comfort cooling and intermediate industrial range of towers offering great cooling capacity in small space.

Cooling Systems
Cooling Systems

The broadest range of cooling towers designed specifically for rigorous duty in producing electricity, fertilizers petroleum refining, petrochemicals, chemical processes and general manufacturing may be seen in next photos:

Cooling Systems
Cooling Systems
Cooling Systems
Cooling Systems
Cooling Systems

In what respects to air cooled heat exchangers Paharpur is recognized as a leader in this matter.
Can be supplied exchangers of any capacity, metallic alloy or pressure range.
These products can be found in any type of industry and are produced in forced draught or induced draught designs and in single or multi fan arrangements.
Plug or cover type headers or stainless steel with finned tubes of embedded are designed to API and ASME standards.

Cooling Systems

Paharpur designs and manufactures air cooled steam condensers for any type of utilization.
Paharpur independent tube row design with Divided (separate) Rear Headers prohibit back flow of steam to eliminate non condensable trapping in individual tube rows and formation of dead zone for heat transfer.
System efficiency is maintained over a wide range of temperature and varying operating loads.
Condensate and no condensable are evacuated from each row separately thereby maintaining positive fluid separation qualities of a single row condenser.

Paharpur Cooling Towers also may be acting and responsible for turn-key projects.

Process Cooling Solutions Dry Cooling


SPG Dry Cooling is a leading global brand in Air-Cooled Condenser design, manufacturing, construction and services.

More than 1000 SPG Dry Cooling Systems for Combined Cycle, Coal, Natural Draft Condenser, Parallel Condenser System and Solar Power Plants have been installed around the world for a wide range of environmental conditions: coastal and desert climates, industrial and urban locations in both tropical and arctic temperatures.

SPG Dry Cooling, with its fully owned heat exchanger manufacturing plants, maintains a world class reputation of reliability and efficiency in power generation and industrial applications for large and small size plants.



Traditional A-Frame, is the state-of-the-art Air Cooled Condenser (ACC), suitable for small to large power plant in a large variety of site conditions (low ambient temperature, high wind, high seism, low noise,…). 
ACC directly condenses the steam turbine exhaust flow and returns condensate to the boiler without water loss. The steam is directly condensed inside air-cooled finned tubes without using an intermediate surface condenser. 
ACC’s applications are power, industrial and renewables markets for large and small size plants.


Single-Row Condenser tubes (SRC®)


A-Frame ACC module Overview

A-Frame ACC features

The heat exchanger’s finned tube, the core technology of the Air Cooled Condenser, is the Single-Row Condenser (SRC®) tube – an elongated aluminum cladded carbon steel flat tube with brazed aluminum fins.

The excellent corrosion and freeze resistant SRC® finned tubes are manufactured in SPG Dry Cooling fully owned state of the art factories.

Heat exchangers are supported by an A-Frame structure which can be mounted on concrete or steel structure. Both primary and secondary type heat exchangers are provided to ensure good non condensable gas extraction to the air evacuation unit.

Airflow is delivered by forced draft axial fans, driven by electric motors and gearboxes, installed below the heat exchangers. A-Frame ACC’s are available from 2 to more than 80 modules per unit and with fan size from 28ft to 38ft. 

The typical scope for an ACC installation includes the heat exchangers, the fan motor groups, the supporting structure, the steam ducting from the steam turbine interface, auxiliaries such as the condensate and drain pumps, condensate tank, the air evacuation units and related piping works, electrical and instrumentation – (see below).

With over 200 SRC ACC installations, SPG Dry Cooling has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, delivering and constructing A-Frame ACC’s all over the world.

For more info about SPG Dry Cooling see here.

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