SPG Dry Cooling

SPG Dry Cooling

SPG Dry Cooling and Paharpur

We are built upon the solid foundation of partnership with Paharpur. After acquiring us in 2016, we grew to being able to deliver the unique, full range value of engineering, building, and installing process cooling technologies anywhere in the world.

Our experience is broad. We operate in all climates and conditions and are a technology leader that holds several important patents.

At SPG DC, we have engineers and project managers who have specific experience in creating operating value for power and industrial plants in coal, oil & gas, cogeneration, biomass, solar, and geothermal applications. As a company, we are systematically investing in new innovations and are rapidly expanding our commercial presence with offices all over the world.

Our work can be seen in over 1000 places all around the world

We take great pride in being a leader in this market. Based on hard work and innovation, we hold several patents and have launched many new products recently such as ModuleAir®Hexacool®Natural Draft Air Cooled Condenser (NDACC), BoxAir ACC® and W-Style ACC®.

With technology that provides true operating value as our foundation, we continue our commitment to innovate and introduce cutting-edge products and systems.

Our team of 700+ professionals in design & engineering, manufacturing, project management and construction join the Paharpur global workforce. As one, we form a unique, vertically integrated, full range world leader in process cooling technologies.

Since 1948, our combined experience and unrivalled installations in wet cooling towers and dry coolers and condensers spans all continents and operates under all climates and conditions. We’re proud to have completed more than 45,000 installations and work every day to be a global partner with the promise of excellence.

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