Comef, established in 1968, is nowadays a synergic union of leading companies in different fields and placed at Clients' needs.

Comef operates on home and international market, enjoying unquestionable reputation of great reliability and competence in supplying, erection and service of energy plants, technological plants, boilers, heat exchangers, industrial plants, buildings, machineries and steelworks, waste recovery and treatment plants, drums and tank containers.

The proven technical and financial capabilities represent fundamental combination of experience and resources.

The wide flexibility as well as the availability of skill human and technical resources makeComef a reliable and clever supplier for any Client and for any activities, from design and engineering to material and services procurement, from fabrication to erection, from plant’s start up and Client’s personnel training to maintenance of part or the whole plants; plants supplied turnkey as Main or EPC Contractor.

Matching Client’s requests and Codes, Laws and Regulations requirements by our highest quality standards.

Major milestones in Comef history

  • 1968 Establishment and operating settlement in Milan site
  • 1972 First highway tunnel formworks contract
  • 1975 First plane hangars contract
  • 1978 First telecom antennas contract
  • 1984 North-West Milan urban sewage treatment plant
  • 1988 Operating settlement in Tradate site (Varese)
  • 1990 First refinery heater contract
  • 1992 First waste to energy WtE power plant heat recovery steam generator contract
  • 1995 First combined cycle power plant heat recovery steam generator contract
  • 1999 First intermodal hazardous products tank container contract
  • 2000 First waste to energy WtE turnkey power plant contract
  • 2001 First biomass to energy BtE turnkey power plant contract
  • 2003 First turnkey heat district plant contract
Major milestones in Comef history
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