History and Mission

Coepro was founded in 1982 as a Consultancy and Engineering Company, having maintained its activity until 1985 when, due to various reasons, it changed its core activity to that of Marketing and Sales whilst maintaining total technical support to its Clients and advising the same on the selection of benchmark technological solutions, mainly in the ENERGY sector.

Coepro has, therefore, been acting as an official Representatives and/or in close Collaboration in a case by case project basis with the world’s most reputed equipment manufacturers and suppliers of global solutions in energy projects for more than three decades.
Coepro deals with its Clients on a basis of complete honesty and integrity, always using a policy of the fullest transparency in business, this serving the purpose of ensuring the respect for good practices and the follow up of real and objective conditions, which enables business to be carried out in a true, honest and equitable way for all intervening stakeholders.

In the past, Coepro was a pioneer in developing the Cogeneration concept in Portugal namely through the sales and local use of internal combustion engines burning fossil fuels, projects that allowed their users to achieve a very fast pay-back time for their investments. Thus, Coepro has amalgamated an extremely relevant Client Reference List.

Presently, and due to the reduced size of our national market in addition to the need to look for alternative or complementary markets, Coepro has extended its sales territory, making Offers from its Principals namely through national and international Contractors, for projects located mainly in countries within Africa, the Middle East and Central and South America.

Our fields of activity in the Energy and Environmental Areas are summarised on the following pages.

The use of equipment or global solutions for the combustion, gasification or pyrolysis of fossil or endogenous fuels for the production of electricity and heat, conversion of wastes into energy and/or other re-usable by-products still economically advantageous, are part of our proposals and our mission.

In spite of Coepro being a small sized Company it has been extremely active in the market, albeit with integrity and transparency in business, a condition which has been our paramount priority towards our Clients. We therefore continue to persist in maintaining this position that we have always had in the past and intend to continue to have in the long-term future, namely in our national market.

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