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Waste fuels


Our experience and research allows us to offer gensets fueled by what is typically considered as waste or even hazardous.

We’ve succesfully provided gensets operating on almost pure hydrogen, coke oven gas and unusual mixtures of hydrocarbons.

What’s more, our sets accept rapidly changing parameters and composition, which allows us to provide a stable and convenient power source for such applications.



Various waste fuels transformed into electricity and heat


Solution for High Explosive gases: Fuel injection system

High Explosive gases cannot be used in standard gas engines Their fuel systems wouldn’t allow to burn them in a safe manner if at all.
For those type of gases we implement a fuel injection system which allows us to creat air fuel mixture directly before combustion chamber.
We implemented first installation with fuel injections system in 2014 in one of chemical factories in Poland The factory produces various chemicals mainly nitr o gen based furtilizers.
Durign the process they generate waste gas rich in Hydrogen (85-95%).
horus energia horus energia

Solution for Low Calorific Value gases: waste gas treatment + special mixing system

Our solution: a power plant with gas treatment station and a special MUZG gas mixer system.

  • operation on waste gases (hydrocarbons, hydrogen and carbon monoxide)
  • low calorific gases
  • purifying polluted gases parallel and island modes of operation
  • power range between 100 kWe and 2MWe

MUZG gas mixer system - characteristics

  • special mixer, which controls parameters of mixture and each of gases separately
  • easy and flexible configuration, which enables a perfect match to the requested combustion strategy
  • our own control software, with all the parameters ready to be modified to suit the needs
  • solutions tailored to operate with already existing client’s installations
  • versatility - the system scales with power and consists of modules, which enables adjustments even after installation
  • several types of gas can be combusted either simultaneously or altering to achieve the desired strategy
  • mixing and combusting processes are integrated in one control system, allowing to change mixture composition and parameters or to maintain stable operation with rapidly changing gas
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